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Royal Kennel puppies have FCI pedigree and those which will be exported will have export FCI pedigree.

All puppies have a unique microchip number, International vaccination card – Pet passport, are wormed 3 times and are vaccinated fit to their age, which will protect and keep them safe from diseases.

We provide complete breeder service and support and we give you all information about puppy, food, care, vaccination, nutrition, supplements etc.

Personal pick up of the puppy is possible earliest in age 7,5 weeks and deliver by air between 10 – 12 weeks old.

For reservation of the puppy is necessary to balance 1/3 from total price. This deposit is non refundable but transferable to any breeding in the future up to 2 years after placing your deposit with us.

It is important to us that you receive the puppy you want regardless of any situation! 

Before transportation full price must be balanced  including air ticket, transport box and all taxes bonded with this procedure.

Price for puppy depends on individual quality (show dog or pet) and also on quality of the parents.

Royal Kennel Cane Corso puppies & dogs are available all over the world – to the all destination in different countries worldwide with big international airports. We have our pet agents who prepare all necessary documentations depending on the laws of the destination country.

Puppy has to be perfectly healthy for transportation, so our official veterinarian makes clinical exam and determines whether the puppy is in good health and able to withstand to its destination.

Every shipping we did or we plan to do is 100% safe for puppy or dog. Usually all transportations going via Frankfurt or other European airport & cargo companies, so, every our costumer who bought puppy from us before flight will get detailed information about flight, number of flight, departure time and arrival time.

If puppy or dog don’t  fly directly from point A to point B, and if there is one or more interchanges, animal will be safe in hotel for animals, which is located on each airport who do cargo transport. Animal will be protected, fed and watered by people who are working in those institutions.

People who are able to come personally to our kennel and pick their puppy, will be our most welcomed guest, and  we will prepare all documentations necessary for export.

We have a lot of experience with worldwide transportations.

There are some of our Cane Corso dogs who are exported.

Their export & current destination and pictures check below:


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