Male French Bulldog dogs in Royal Kennel

Here you can find pedigree of our male dogs.

Our males, who are enough old for breeding as kennel club in Bosnia rules prescribes, are available as stud dogs - available for breeding. If you are interested to buy a puppy from them or you are interested to use our champions for breeding with your female/females, feel free andĀ contact us.

We have availableĀ frozen semen of our dog, we did sperm test before freeze and post thawing and have very quality sperm such as:

  • Sperm count per straw ( 0.5 ml )
  • Motility percentage ( 0-100 ) / Speed of sperm ( 0-5 )

contact us

Maybe we dont have available doses from the dog in every moment, because we sold or used it, so it would be nice if you are interested, just contact us before you plan to use semen on your female, so both of us can have enough time for collecting semen and shipping to the determined destination.